Monday, 10 January 2011

This is what i have done so far with the owl. What i need to do is add more subdivisions to get a stitch like look. Instead of making the stiches directly on the typology, i will create them individualy and attach them to the owl. I intend to use a torus as the stitch. My next task is to model a dove.

Overall Reflection

Looking at all the work i have produced, i feel this project has given me an opportunity to try new things. It has also been a good learning curb. Uv mapping was not something that i was comfortable with doing in 2nd year. I feel confident to the point that i can uv map anything. The only problem that i had was when i would try to attach the edges they would attach everything together. I resolved the problem by using the cut tool.

One of the issues that i have at the moment is on how to implement a cloth like texture. I am looking into this at the moment and hope that it gets resolved. With the walk cycles i started to get the motion of the walk. When analyzing my first walk my lecturer and i noticed that the feet stay on the ground for too long. So what i did is just focus on the feet and making sure the feet weren't on the ground for too long. The walk is starting to look better. The only thing is that the feet need to arch a bit more. This will be resolved by looking more into arcs and referencing other walk cycles. I will also look at some of the other 12 principles of animation such as timing.

With the actual owl i did not model it in a desirable way. The was modeled to thin, when in actual fact it needed to be more thicker. This is because we are going for a stuffed look. So i took this on board from Depa mostly. I some feedback from Clym from a rigging perspective.

Modeling with curves was new to me. I gave it a go and i managed to successful model an owl. I intend to carry on doing more models using curves in the near future. Our project will involve a dove which i intend to model. From this project i have learnt to communicate more with my peers in my group.

I think i have worked along side Depa, and Nathan very well. I have always communicated to then via web,phone, and in person so that they can see were i am. And it has been a pleasure to work with them so far. My next step is to model a dove.

I used a tool that allowed me to colour each piece to see what i am stitching, and to see the layers more clearly.

When starting out i had several pieces which was very dawnting. I learnt that each of the pieces have to be attached together.

When uv mapping i was not too familiar with how to do it. I found out that there are several ways to uv map. Cylindrical, planner, automatic, and seperical mapping. I looked at digital tutors for reference and support. When looking at the different ways to map, and speaking to peers. It seemed automatic mapping is the most challenging way to map, so i decided to go through with it.

Uv map feedback

I do not think i documented my work effectively and efficiently when doing my uv mapping. So i intend to document it much more effectively.


My initial thought when modeling with a cube would be that i would be more time consuming. I could be that i enjoy 3D modelling that it didn't seem as long as using curves. But in actual fact i think modeling using a cube is much quicker when you want to get the basic shape down. Using curves is much quicker when trying to add detail.

Modeling with a Polygon Cube

What i have done is start to model using a polygon cube in order to see the comparison between using curves to model.