Monday, 6 December 2010

After analyzing my first walk cycle, i feel this walk is better in a sense that the feet do not stay on the ground for too long. But i do feel that the feet should arc a bit more when the feet come of the ground. I also feel that the feet should arc more when the feet are about to touch the ground. So what i intend to do is go back to the Richard Willams book and look at the 12 principles of animations, especially arcs.

Friday, 3 December 2010

New version


I have also been working closely with Depa, i have posted my work up of my work and Depa has given me some useful information. She has notified me over the phone to make the belly a bit more bigger and to give it more of a slouch. I have taken this all on board and implemented this.


As i have been constructing my 3D character i have taken Clym into consideration from the very start. I have tried to keep the model as clean as possible, in terms of the typology. I have kept in contact with Clym through email. The above is some annotations from Clym which has kept me on the right track, i have made the changes to my character.
I have also tried to get rid of as many triangles as possible, for rigging sack. I have also had useful feedback from Dan, which is to watch out for the scale of the owl in consideration with its surrounding. This could mean a very big owl in comparison to its surrounding.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Animation Test

This a little test animation that i am doing for the old lady. I am not to happy with is because the feet stay on the floor for too long. What i intend to do is to analyze more walk cycles, and to just focus purely on the lower body i.e legs and feet.